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Surprising Science for Kids: Magic? No, It's SCIENCE!

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This exclusive kit combines spectacular illusions with solid science!


FREE Interactive Digital Lessons! Developed by STEM curriculum experts! Kid-friendly, interactive mini-lessons! Scaffolded learning for grades K-5!

Ever see a magician perform a seemingly impossible feat? Many times the "magic" you're watching is really just science in action. This exclusive kit combines spectacular illusions with solid science in a way that aspiring scientists - and their audiences - are sure to love! Seven different activities are included. Create a snow avalanche in your kitchen! Make paper disappear while the inked words remain! Bend a wire, and UN-bend it with nothing but water! For grades 3-6. Kit includes a full color, 14-page activity guide filled with instructions and scientific explanations. Perfect as a gift or at-home lesson! Hours of investigative learning at your fingertips. All materials are safe and age-appropriate for children.

Kit also includes: Safety Goggles, Sodium Polyacrylate, Instant Snow, Goldenrod Paper, Dissolving Paper, Nitinol Wire, pipet, tweezers, cups, pencils and more!

See a sample of the lesson here!
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A huge hit
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Sep 15, 2021
We used this kit for STEM summer camps. Every student who attended this class, from 1st through 6th, gave it rave reviews. The students were thrilled by the magic, and couldn't wait to give a show and explain the magic to their families. Disappearing water and Instant snow were especial hits! We did tweak the activity booklet a bit to make it more of a "lesson", but I can't speak highly enough of this kit!
Amanda Porter

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