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Surprising Science for Kids: Magic? No, It's SCIENCE!

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This exclusive kit combines spectacular illusions with solid science!


FREE Interactive Digital Lessons! Developed by STEM curriculum experts! Kid-friendly, interactive mini-lessons! Scaffolded learning for grades K-5!

Ever see a magician perform a seemingly impossible feat? Many times the "magic" you're watching is really just science in action. This exclusive kit combines spectacular illusions with solid science in a way that aspiring scientists - and their audiences - are sure to love! Seven different activities are included. Create a snow avalanche in your kitchen! Make paper disappear while the inked words remain! Bend a wire, and UN-bend it with nothing but water! For grades 3-6. Kit includes a full color, 14-page activity guide filled with instructions and scientific explanations. Perfect as a gift or at-home lesson! Hours of investigative learning at your fingertips. All materials are safe and age-appropriate for children.

Kit also includes: Safety Goggles, Sodium Polyacrylate, Instant Snow, Goldenrod Paper, Dissolving Paper, Nitinol Wire, pipet, tweezers, cups, pencils and more!

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