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Shrinking Water Cycle Kit

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Draw and color the water cycle, then shrink in an oven.


Water covers about 3/4 (75%) of the Earth's surface. Without it, living things would simply not exist. Its constant movement includes a journey from oceans to the sky and land. Take a look at how this cycle works and water's journey as it changes form from a liquid, to a gas and a solid.

Students draw and color the water cycle and states of matter, then watch as their drawings magically shrink in an oven (with adult supervision of course). Then they get to take their creation home as keychains or zipper pulls! Comes with instructions, teacher notes, diagrams, and enough materials to make 30 models. Use with colored pencils or permanent markers to create your own shrinking designs. Need extra Shrinking Plastic Sheets? Check out Item DIN-110.

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