Owl Pellets

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Owl Pellets

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Owl Pellet Classroom Set

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These 1.5-inch or longer average Barn Owl Pellets are perfect to illustrate the nature of food chains and to demonstrate the role of predators in the ecosystem. Educational Innovations offers only the largest, Department of Agriculture approved, heat-sterilized (no odor) pellets. Owl Pellets are a natural educational tool. Introduce skeletal anatomy and the identification of prey with our Owl Pellets from the wild -- each unique in size, shape and contents. Available in any quantity and in class sets.

The Owl Pellet Classroom Set includes 15 of our 1.5-inch or longer average Barn Owl Pellets. Great for a class of 30, working in pairs, this complete educational set also includes an instructor's guide, 15 student guides, an 18 x 26-inch food web poster, 15 wooden dissecting probes, and a transparency of a vole skeleton (one of the barn owl's favorite prey). Kick off your next predators or ecosystem unit with some fascinating real Owl Pellets. Our Bone Sorting & ID Sheets make an excellent addition to this kit!

Educational Innovations sells only Grade A Whole Pellets.

Note: Lesson guides only in Classroom Set.

Owl Pellets are a natural product, and as such availability can be quite variable. If you must have your pellets for an event on a specific date, we recommend that you call in advance to check availability. This is especially true for larger orders.

Owl Pellets are available only to the United States and Canada.

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