Hand-Cranked Generator

Hand-Cranked Generator

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Item #: GEN-100
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This hand-held crank generator produces up to 12 volts of DC electricity. It can be connected to an external circuit or, with a small bulb (included) used independently as a flashlight. Housed in tough transparent plastic, all of the components can be easily observed. In addition, other devices can be easily connected to the black and red screw terminals on the front of the generator without the need for any special adapter that could be quickly lost. When compared with similar products costing more than twice as much, we overwhelmingly preferred this one for its simplicity and usability.

  • Size: 105 mm x 50 mm
  • Avg Volt. (no load, fast) : 12 v DC
  • Avg Volt (no load, moderate) : 6.5 v DC
  • Current: 2.3 amp @ 7.5 v (3.2 ohm load)
  • Weight: 150 gram
  • Lamp: 3.2 ohm, 6.3 volt

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