Basic Gas Collecting Kit

Basic Gas Collecting Kit - Single

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Item #: GAS-300

Basic Gas Collecting Class Kit

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Item #: GAS-320

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Replacement - Latex Tubing 1/8 inch - (5 feet/pk)

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These kits are designed to provide the basic equipment required to perform most of the experiments in the book Microscale Gas Chemistry by Dr. Bruce Mattson.

The single kit includes the following: 2 LuerLOK Syringes with caps; 1 plastic vial cap; 1 ft of latex tubing; and instructions to produce quantitatively and study the reactions of carbon dioxide. Additional experiments can be found in the Microscale Gas Chemistry book

The Class Kit includes a class set (12 X) of materials found in the Basic Gas Collecting Kit. It includes enough materials for a class of 24 students working in pairs: 24 LuerLOK Syringes with caps; 12 plastic vial caps; 12 ft of latex tubing; and 1 set of instructions to produce quantitatively carbon dioxide and study its reactions.

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