18 inch Fluorescent Ultraviolet 'Black' Light

18 inch Fluorescent Ultraviolet 'Black' Light

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Item #: UV-605
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18 inch Replacement Bulb for Ultraviolet 'Black' Light

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Item #: UV-650

Ultraviolet 'Black' Light with Stand

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Item #: UV-625

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Educational Innovations now offers this safe, long-wave ultraviolet light source for use with all our ultraviolet light-sensitive products. Now you can experiment on a rainy day! Our 'Black Light' consists of a 15 watt, 18 in. long fluorescent ultraviolet light bulb in a 21 in. long fixture. Simply plug it in, push the on switch and start your next light lesson with a wow! super! neat! demonstration. Now available with a stand to protect eyes. The stand shades the light and reduces exposure to UV. Your UV Beads or other UV light-sensitive sample can simply be placed under the stand for direct exposure.

Runs on standard North American line current, 110 volts 60 Hz

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