Balances & Scales

At Educational Innovations we carry three brands of balances that are perfect for classroom use. The Adam balances are very affordable and incredibly durable. All Adam digital balances are equipped with overload protection which eliminates the worry many teachers have of their students damaging the equipment.

We also carry A&D balances which is a perfect middle price point. All A&D balances come with a manufacturer's warrantee.

Educational Innovations is also an authorized dealer for all OHAUS products. For other OHAUS products, please call us toll free: 888-912-7474 or e-mail: info@teachersource.com

Ultra-precise electronic OHAUS Scout-Pro Balances are available in three capacities. The OHAUS Scout-Pro Balance w/shield is precise to 0.001 g and comes with a draft shield for extra precision. OHAUS Compact Balances are so fast that ONE of these low-cost balances will easily replace six mechanical ones. The durable, yet inexpensive OHAUS School Balance is perfect for teaching weighing to young students. The Triple Beam Balance is our most popular mechanical balance. (Attachment Weights also available.)

In addition to our balances, we have a few low-cost balances and scales good for small objects and samples. Based on Archimedes Principle, the Archimedes Balance consists of a graduated cylinder with an additional tube that floats in it. Spring Scales are great for measuring force in newtons anywhere in the universe. Weigh a suspended object, or measure the force of pushing or pulling an object. High quality Push/Pull Spring Scales are color coded and are calibrated in grams and in Newtons.

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Adam Triple Beam Balance (TBB-610S)
Adam CB Compact Scales
$74.95 - $79.95
Adam Dune Compact Balances
Adam Core Compact Portable Balances
$88.00 - $192.00
Adam Highland Portable Precision Balances
$261.95 - $341.95
A&D EJ-200 'Newton' Precision Balance
Out of Stock
A&D NinJa Compact Scales
$89.95 - $107.95
Catapult Bench Scale (OHAUS #C11P20)
OHAUS Hand Held Scales
$156.95 - $193.95
OHAUS Triple Beam Pro
OHAUS Basic Economy Triple Balance
OHAUS Math & Science Measurement Skills Assessment Review Kit
Push/Pull Spring Scales
$9.95 - $55.95
Spring Scales
$5.50 - $29.95
Archimedes Balance
Triple Beam Balance  (OHAUS #750-SO)
$47.95 - $144.95
OHAUS Scout-Pro Balances
$222.95 - $421.95
OHAUS Scout-Pro Balance w/shield (OHAUS #SPE123)
OHAUS Compact Balances
Set of Weights