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Using hands-on science materials is undoubtedly the best way to teach science to children of all ages, and Educational Innovations has what you need to involve your child in this fascinating and exciting learning process. Classrooms come in many shapes and sizes, but the best science classroom is a place where science comes alive and children can interact with science resources as well as with their environment.

At Educational Innovations, we carry the most unique, hard-to-find, motivational science supplies you will find in one place, and the best part of all is that our products are safety tested and priced with your child in mind. We offer Super, Wow, Neat science materials you can use with one child or with small groups of children.

By simply using the top navigation bar on the home page you can conduct an advanced search of the subject area you are interested in teaching and the grade level of your children, and the rest is easy. You will be given a list of resources and products that meet your needs. You can also check to see which of our products include lesson ideas and activities that are included for you to further explore with your children. Let Educational Innovations work with you to unlock your child's potential in science.