Best Sellers
Owl Pellets
Small Gro-Beast Dinosaur
Vortex Bottle Connectors - Tornado in a Bottle
Plastic Magnifier (individual)
Magnetic Wands (assorted colors)
Energy Ball
Ultraviolet Detecting Beads
Large Gro-Beast Alligator
UV Outside Detector
Slime-Making Kits & Glowing Slime Kits
Small Balancing Bird Demo
Astronaut Ice Cream
Sealed Iron Filings
Balancing Bird Demo
Nitinol Memory Wire by the Foot
World's Simplest Motor
Sound Tubes
Dip-er-Do Stunt Planes
Choositz Decision Balls
Dropper Popper
No-Pop Bubbles
The Private Eye Loupe
Prism Glasses (Double Axis) - Pack of 10
Science Is Fun Buttons
Mysterious Glowing Ball
Ceramic Magnets
Youth Safety Glasses
Portable UV Light
Drinking Bird
Fizz-Keeper Pumps
Fluorescent Magic Sand
UV No-Pop Bubbles
6 inch Chemical Light Sticks (8-Hour)
Nature Print Paper
Plastic Mirrors
Solar Tube
Super Bouncing Ball Kits
Goldenrod Color-Changing Paper - 100 sheets
Preform & Rack Kit
Mighty Seltzer Rocket
Beaker Mugs
Touch and See Square
Color Splash Dye Tablets
Fountain Connection
Magnetic Holding Pegs (pkg of 16)
Floating Ring Magnet Set
Extra Long Pipe Cleaners
Growing Spheres
Larvets Worm Snax
Button Batteries 389 Silver Oxide 10/pk
Soda Bottle Preforms and Caps (30/pk)
Standard Adult Safety Glasses
Long Wave UV Flashlight
Amazing Ice Melting Blocks
Wooden Car Kit
Spring Scales
Fossil Sorting Kit
Cricket & Larva Licket Lollipops
Magnetic Marbles
Cow Magnet
Poly Density Kit
Colorful Retro Bubbles
Room Thermometer - Metal Back
UV Filter Set
Polarizing Filters
Wall Coaster
Memory Wire Samples (pk of 10)
Chemistry Bits
FunFlyStick Static Electricity Demonstration
Children's Safety Goggles
Gigantic Growing Spheres
Diving Submarine
UV Beads, Change to Purple
Instant Snow Polymer
Solar Cells
Alnico Magnet Set
Hand-Held Spectroscope
Fortune Fish
Piezo Popper Kit
UV Beads, Change to Red
Squishy, Squashy Sponges: Early Childhood Unit Teacher Guide
Chemical Heat Pack
Neodymium Magnets
Multi Project Solar Kit
Magnetic Field Viewer Card
Erlenmeyer Mug
Seismic Accelerator (Astro-Blaster Multiple Collision Accelerator)
Deluxe Safety Glasses
MyChron - Student Timers
Fire Syringe Demo
Colors in Motion
Thermoplastic Polymer - Thermoplastic Polymer (250 g)
Scorpion Pops
Glo Germ
Red / Blue 3-D Glasses (5/pk)
Rocket Balloons
ColorFlame Candles
Chemistry with Charisma
Newton's Cradle
25 Pack of Neodymium Magnets
Water Gel Crystals - 'Ghost Crystals'
Infra-Red Thermometer
Iron Filings - 1 Pound Package
Pustefix Rainbow Bubbles
Spy Pen - Invisible Ink Pen
Ultra Hi-Intensity, 5-Minute Orange Light Stick
Liquid Crystal Sheets (12x12 inch)
Pressure Pullers
Fossil Shark Teeth
Multi-Fiber Ribbon
UV Bead Bracelet/Necklace Making Kit
Fingerprinting Ink Pads
Steel Sphere Density Kit
Growing Cubes
Putt Putt Steam Boat
Classroom Slime Kit
Caffeine Beaker Mug
Push/Pull Spring Scales