Oil Spill Kit

Oil Spill Kit

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Item #: ENV-100

Oil Spill Refill Kit (all consumable materials)

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Item #: ENV-110
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Our Oil Spill Cleanup Kit is a lively way to conduct a four-day interactive lesson with your class. Adaptable for students in grades 3-12. Your students must design and carry out a plan to clean their oil spill.

What is the best way to clean an offshore oil spill? It depends on water conditions, the effectiveness of the materials, the limits of funding, and a host of other factors. Bring current events right into your science classroom and teach your students to customize and optimize their clean-up.

The kit contains a variety of oil absorbent materials - including our best-selling Envirobond - as well as a thematic unit guide, lesson plans, resource sheets, and student printables. Refill kit and extra Envirobond sold separately.