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The Carter Creek Mystery: An Environmental Disaster

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Find the nature of the contamination and locate its source.


The thriving community of Carterville has been growing in leaps and bounds. After a long stretch of a bad economy, Carter Creek Paper and Plastics has doubled its business. This means more jobs, opportunities, and $$$ for the area! There is a dark cloud on the horizon for the Carterville area. The creek has been polluted! Your students have been hired by a local chemical testing laboratory to find the nature of the contamination and locate its source.

Includes 10 plastic slides, 15 toothpicks (stirrers), two crayons, eight water samples in three ml dropper bottles, eight soil samples in three ml screwcap tubes, five testing solutions (universal indicator, D Test, Polycrit, LeadStat, and MercuTest). Contains no phthalates, mercury, or lead products or samples. For 24 students working in pairs

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