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Mini Glue Gun

  • Mini Glue Gun
    Item #: CST-800
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  • Sticks not included.
  • Glue Sticks (pack of 10)
    Item #: CST-805
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A safe, value-priced tool for those still learning to use glue guns.


This super-low temperature glue gun is safer and cooler than other low temperature models. Great for crafts, art, school projects, and any other task that needs a cooler adhesive. The value-priced gun is a perfect starter tool for those still learning to use glue guns - and/or for projects that don't require extreme heat. Compact size makes the gun easy to prep, use, clean, and store. An excellent choice for new or inexperienced users. Adult supervision recommended for youth ages 13 and younger.

Cool Shot Glue Sticks (pack of 10):

For use in ultra-low temperature mini glue guns only. This unique formula melts at a lower temperature than regular glue sticks, without losing its strong, adhesive properties. Allows for a safer way to glue. Dries in seconds.

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