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Cartesian Diversions Class Kit

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Enough materials to make 60 divers like those seen in the Cartesian Diversions DVD.

Cartesian Diversions Class Kit Plus DVD

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Cartesian Diversions Class Kit Plus DVD


Ready for a classroom diversion? The Cartesian Diversions Class Kit is a great hands-on way for students to learn about air pressure! Each kit comes with 60 ballast nuts, 60 pipets, one Fizz-Keeper Pump, one sheet of acetate, two feet of coated copper wire, five pipe cleaners, three permanent markers, four feet of fishing line, three sheets of colored craft foam, and two feet of yarn - enough to make 60 divers! Your students will love creatively decorating their divers while learning all about what makes them tick! Includes 42-page instruction booklet.

Also available: Cartesian Diversions Class Kit WITH the Cartesian Diversions DVD. Students will be amazed by Bob Becker's Cartesian Diversions DVD, which highlights the amazing, intricate, and unique Cartesian divers that have made him famous! After watching the DVD, they'll be ready to dive right into making their own!

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Cartesian Divers
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Cartesian is derived from Rene Descartes but why "diver" is something I have not yet found a derivation. Those of you who have had the privilege of meeting Robert Becker and seeing his many designs of Cartesian divers have been fortunate for sure. Bob has written a book and created a video about the divers and the various, which can be purchased from E. I. You can also purchase a kit or kits that contain all the materials needed to make the various divers and/or you can buy the different components separately. We have used the divers in numerous outreach events as the entire presentation or as part of a presentation depending on the audience and length of time. Just having the kids try to figure out how to get the "diver" to dive is interesting (and fun) to observe. Seeing their excitement when they figure it out and then share with their friends is amazing. I cannot express enough the value of this as a teaching tool whether for outreach, classroom, young children, teens, and even adults. The concepts involved in Cartesian divers vary from "simple" density to pressure transfer through solids and liquids, the reduction of gas volume when pressure is applied are all involved and probably a few more that I'm forgetting at this moment. We keep one out on the shelf just for students to "play" with when they have the time to do so. And the applications to how submarines and fish dive or rise gives relevance to the Cartesian divers. It is an absolute attention getter that fully engages the audience. Everyone should have at least one! The kit is perfect allowing the students to make a whole variety of divers that work on the same principles but incorporates a variety of ways to increase or decrease the pressure.
Kenneth Lyle

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