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Doctor Livingston Jr. Human Heart Puzzle for Kids

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Assemble the human heart at 600% magnification!

Set of 3 Kids' Anatomy Puzzles

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Included Products:

Doctor Livingston Jr. Human Body Puzzle for Kids

Doctor Livingston Jr. Human Brain Puzzle for Kids

Doctor Livingston Jr. Human Heart Puzzle for Kids

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Piece together this cross-cut of our tickers - arteries, aortas, and all. Grab the atria and ventricles that team up to pump nutrients throughout our bodies. Spot the arteries that transport blood to the lungs and the veins that whisk away waste products. Click the valves together that keep our blood circulation in the proper direction. Arrange the special myocardium muscle that squeezes the heart into its beat. When finished, kids can lean back and appreciate their hidden anatomy, larger than life.

Our puzzles are die-cut to match REAL anatomy. Build the myocardium muscle independently of the atria and arteries. Learn about the human heart as you solve our human heart puzzle.

Illustrated by Mesa Schumacher, a Certified Medical Illustrator from Johns Hopkins University. Our anatomy puzzles are drawn to be accurate, educational, and fun to piece together! 100 pieces.

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