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Air Pressure Bundle NGSS

SKU #AIR-900
Availability: In Stock

Included Products:

Harbottle Differential Pressure Demonstration

Tornado Tubes - Tornado Tube (single)

Fountain Connection

Pressure Pullers

Atmospheric Mat

Balloon Helicopter

Six air pressure goodies will prove that science never sucks!


Six air pressure demo goodies will certainly prove that science never sucks! Start with a Tornado Tube or Fountain Connection for hours of water play (and learning). Learn about lift with a balloon-powered helicopter. Your Harbottle is the perfect tool to demonstrate atmospheric pressure. How does that balloon stay inflated without being tied shut? The Pressure Pullers and Atmospheric Mat are guaranteed to baffle anyone who doesn't (yet) know about the pushing force of the air around us.

Priced at just $59.95 (valued at $67.70 separately), our exclusive Air Pressure bundle includes:

Tornado Tube *
Fountain Connection *
Balloon Helicopter *
Pressure Pullers
Atmospheric Mat

* Colors may vary on these products.

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