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Brown Dog Solar House Kit

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A solder-free solar project designed for DIY construction!


Introducing the Solar House, a solder-free solar project designed for DIY enthusiasts! The Solar House Kit complements solar-based learning perfectly. With no tools required for assembly, it's a breeze to wire up using our special conductive tape, and it's reusable for endless fun. Illuminate LEDs, activate the motor, craft switches, and construct your very own house. Equipped with a sturdy 6V solar panel, the Solar House can power the included LEDs or operate the motor and fan combo. Simply place the Solar House in moderate sunlight and let the excitement begin! In certain conditions, it can even function under artificial light, provided it's sufficiently strong. For added enjoyment, harness the motor and fan as a power source to light up LEDs!

Parts Included :
  • 9 x Wooden Pieces
  • 5 x Wire Strips
  • 4 x Self Stick Rubber Feet
  • 4 x 10mm Jumbo LEDs
  • 1 x Motor + Fan
  • 1 x 6V 80mA Solar Cell with Wires
  • 1 x 5m Roll of Maker Tape


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