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Brown Dog Gadgets Solar Roach Kit, 25 Pack

SKU #OHM-105
Backordered until 8/14/2024
*Backordered: 8/14/2024
Acquaint students with the principles of solar energy, motion, and engineering.


The Solar Cockroach presents a straightforward activity that swiftly and effectively acquaints students with the fundamentals of solar energy, motion, and engineering. Powered solely by solar energy, the cockroach eliminates the need for batteries. Construction typically lasts between 10 to 20 minutes, and the lesson can be extended as students explore various light sources and intensities. Sunlight directly powers a vibrating motor attached to the underside of the Solar Cockroach, no batteries required.

The Solar Cockroach is intended for makers ages 10 and up. There are two different ways to build the Cockroach; either use the included Maker Tape to connect the vibrating motor to the solar cell or use a soldering iron to quickly solder the motor to the solar cell. Some modern windows are coated with an anti UV layer which will often times prevent the Solar Cockroach from powering the motor. When in doubt have your student go outside in pure direct sunlight. A hot glue gun is necessary for construction and can be obtained separately.

Warning: Kit includes small parts and batteries. These are a choking hazard. Not intended for children under the age of 10.


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