Light & Color Experiments

Learn about the properties and physics of light with our eye-catching demonstrations and experiments. When the Mysterious Glowing Ball is spun in a circle by the cord, one can see the white light separate into blinking red, blue, and green lights. Chemical light sticks don't create heat or sparks when lit and are completely waterproof. We have 6 inch and 4 inch light sticks, and mini light sticks.

We have many fun and instructional examples of the power of ultraviolet light. From Spy Pens to our always popular Ultraviolet Detecting Beads and Fluorescent Minerals, these fantastic products can also be integrated into activities with our selection of UV lights.
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Watch Your Students Light Up With A Science Project On Light Or Color


Mix it, split it, bend it, reveal it with a light and color experiment, the possibilities are endless! No matter what age group you teach, Educational Innovations has something for your classroom. Teaching primary colors to your elementary school students? There are plenty of color mixing experiments that will excite them. Introducing the concept of light bending to high schoolers? Beam them up some learning using lasers combined with prisms, mirrors and lenses. You'll find plenty of materials for a science project on light properties as well, plus much more.

From science fair projects to home school activities, our products can create light and color experiments to fascinate, motivate and illuminate your class. Whether it's Prism Glasses or Color Filter Paddles you need, you'll find it at Educational Innovations. If you need more light and color experiment ideas, check out some of our related blog posts. We want to help you teach lessons that are as bright and colorful as your students!