Science Lab Equipment & Safety Gear

From balances and microscopes to thermometers and lab coats, we have what you need to outfit your classroom or home laboratory. Also known as baby soda bottles, Soda Bottle Preforms are like test tubes with twist-on caps! Perfect for a wide variety of experiments.
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Science Lab Equipment For A Safe And Fun Classroom


Here at Educational Innovations, we believe that having fun and learning are best accomplished when safety comes first -- that's why it's our top priority. We offer a wide variety of science lab equipment that is safe, efficient and sometimes quirky. You'll find options for microscopes and magnification that are always precise, along with spring scales, accurate thermometers, spot-on timers and more! Plus, we carry plenty of lab safety gear, like gloves and protective clothing as well as safety goggles and glasses for splash and impact protection. We even have some slightly offbeat safety posters to keep things interesting!

Want your students to have some colorful experiments? Our exclusive Tie-Dyed Lab Coat is totally awesome! Worried about fog in your next demonstration? We carry Standard Pyramex Goggles that are fog-proof. Need to stock up on Nitrile Gloves for dissections? You can get your hands on some here! No matter what kind of science safety equipment your lab needs, Educational Innovations will make sure you're prepared. All of our products are selected with safety in mind, so your students will be free to learn and have a great time doing it.