Zero Blaster

Zero Blaster

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Item #: ZL-115
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Launches 2-6 inch diameter non-toxic fog rings that sail up to 14 feet. The Blaster provides a fascinating insight into principles of physics. Each fog ring is a rotating toroidal (donut shaped) vortex (whirling motion of liquid or air with a low pressure area in the center). The Zero Blaster's Fog Fluid is similar to the liquid that Hollywood uses in the movies to make safe special effects fog. Each fog ring is a cool cloud that quickly disappears at room temperature, leaving no trace behind. Because it is not smoke, it does not set off smoke detectors. You'll be mesmerized by the myriad shapes you'll discover in every fog ring you create. Colors may vary.

Each Zero Blaster comes with a three-ounce bottle of Super Fog Fluid, instructions, and information on Toroidal Vortices. Requires six AA batteries (not included). Comes with 7 different sound effects (which can be turned off).

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Download the MSDS for Fog Fluid.