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The Ultimate Paper Sample Pack

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Three unique types of paper in a single kit.


What dissolves in water? Reacts to fluctuations in temperature? Changes color in the presence of acids and bases? The answer is our Ultimate Paper Sample Pack! We're offering three unique types of paper in a single kit that will turn your classroom into a learning showcase for dozens of hands-on learning and discrepant events. This sample pack includes eight sheets apiece of Color-Changing Goldenrod Paper (SM-925), Dissolving Paper (SM-510), and Heat-Sensitive Paper (HEA-200). The number of experiments that are possible is limited only by your students' imaginations - and your paper supply!

Sample pack contains:

  • 8 sheets of Color-Changing Goldenrod Paper (SM-925)
  • 8 sheets of Dissolving Paper (SM-510)
  • 8 sheets of Heat-Sensitive Paper (HEA-200) - 4 blue, 4 pink

All sheets are standard US letter size, 8.5 x 11 in.


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