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TickleMePlant™ Classroom Kit

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Everything you need to grow TickleMePlants™.


Each complete Classroom Kit includes everything you need for your class (up to 30 students or groups) to grow TickleMePlants™ from seeds to flowers, that can then produce their own seeds, which demonstrates the complete life cycle of a plant.

Kit includes 30 TickleMePlant™ seed packets (over 200 Mimosa pudica seeds), 30 four-inch flower pots, 30 expanding Wonder Soil® wafers, and The TickleMePlant™ Book, with more than 20 teacher-created science projects, cool experiments, growing tips, and easy to grow instructions.

The TickleMePlant™ Book includes over 60 interesting color photos and 38 pages of important information, which will show you how to care for and enjoy your TickleMePlants™!

Thousand of students (K-graduate school) have grown TickleMePlants™ and so can your students! The TickleMePlant™ is a sensitive plant that closes its leaves and moves its branches down when it is tickled. Amaze your students; get them excited about plants; grow it year-round indoors! Sprouts in days! Use TickleMePlants™ for teaching plant curriculum concepts at all grade levels, state standards, controlled experiments, science fair projects, or just for fun! We include lesson plan ideas, experiments, growing tips (no need for a green thumb), and more with each Classroom Kit!

This item is not available for shipping to Australia, and will be removed from any Australian orders.


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