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Thermoelectric Energy Demonstration Kit

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With just the warmth of your hand or cold from ice, you can generate electricity!


Here's something you just don't see every day: with just the warmth of your hand and the cold from a piece of ice, you can generate electricity - and even run a motor! Exposed to a temperature differential, this device can create electrical current. You can also use it in reverse - running a current through it will cause one side to become warm and other side to grow cold. A great high-tech demonstration of the Thermoelectric Effect!
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Thermoelectric Energy Demonstration Kit
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 14, 2022
I have dealt with this company for many years, and the customer service is great. When I first received this kit, I was shocked at the tiny size of the motor. I asked for a larger motor that would be easier to work with, but was informed the motor was specifically designed for this demo because of the low voltage. The wires are so tiny on the motor that it is very difficult to keep the wires connected to the Peltier device. Any slight movement and there is a loss of connection. My wife did a great job attaching electrical clips to the motor. However, she had a very difficult time stripping the wires. I would include a photo of the modification but can't here. My suggestion to make this kit work better is to solder electrical connectors to all the bare wires. I was disappointed with the 9v battery to the Peltier device, and got better results with a lantern battery. However, I learned that the battery that came with the kit was not a full 9v. When I used a brand new battery I got better results. It is a nice little kit that I think would be way better if all bare wires had electrical connecters. Since I was told the kit is made by this company I think a little extra effort to add electrical connecters would greatly improve the kit. Also, make sure the 9v batteries included is a full 9v. Richard Nelson
Richard Nelson

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