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The Private Eye Book by Kerry Ruef

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Develop higher order thinking skills, creativity and scientific literacy.


"I'm very impressed. A really exciting set of tools ... to bring out the gifted in everyone."
Professor Joseph Renzulli, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

"Every science teacher, from K to College should have this book!"
Ron Perkins, retired science teacher

The Private Eye is a book about the drama and wonder of looking closely at the world, thinking by analogy, and changing scale. It's also about theorizing. Designed to develop higher order thinking skills, creativity and scientific literacy - across subjects, The Private Eye is based on a simple set of "tools" that produce "gifted" results. Uses everyday objects, a jeweler's loupe (sold separately), and simple questions. Accelerates science, writing, art, math and social studies, as well as vocational and technological education. It builds communication, problems solving, and concentration skills. For K-16 through life, all levels, the Private Eye develops "the interdisciplinary mind". Includes hundreds of lesson plan ideas, 240 pages.

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