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The Best Water Quality Test Kit - Class Kit

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Great for science fair projects!


This amazing test kit and teacher's guide contains enough materials for a class of 30 students to test water for nine factors twice - that's 540 tests in every kit! Each kit includes 60 individually wrapped test strips for each of the following factors:

  • iron
  • copper
  • pH
  • total alkalinity
  • nitrate
  • nitrite
  • free chlorine
  • total chlorine
  • total hardness

Each test is easy to use, simply moisten the test strip with your water sample and compare to the included color chart. The entire self contained kit can be easily carried offsite so that students may observe and record their results moments after taking each sample. This eliminates the need to transport messy samples back to the classroom and greatly reduces the possibility of sample contamination. The teacher's guide contains background information along with instructions and simple activities. If you study the water cycle, ground water contamination or pollution, this kit is a perfect way to add some hands-on science to your unit. Also great for science fair projects!

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