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Surprising Science for Kids: Interesting Insects

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The perfect starting point for aspiring entomologists!


FREE Interactive Digital Lessons! Developed by STEM curriculum experts! Kid-friendly, interactive mini-lessons! Scaffolded learning for grades K-5!

The perfect starting point for aspiring entomologists! Our exclusive Surprising Science for Kids: Interesting Insects kit includes everything you need to perform nine hands-on activities and dynamic demonstrations related to insects. Learn to distinguish between insects and non insects. Create an exoskeleton and then shed it. Construct your own leaf crawler. Study bees and make a beeswax candle. Explore the symmetry of butterflies. Munch on edible insects and more! Includes a full-color 28-page lesson guide and nearly everything you need to get started. This wonderful, wide-ranging exploration will inspire students to see their world with fresh eyes. For grades 2-5.

Includes: 8 Creepy Crawlers, 4 Types of Pasta, Balloon, Binder Clip, Newspaper, Plastic Spoon, Flour, Bowl, Green Card Stock, Wooden Skewer, Colored Pipe Cleaner, Colored Pom-Pom, 2 Googly Eyes, Butterfly Template, 1 Thin Plastic Straw, 1 Wide Plastic Straw, Glue, Edible Insects, Hand Lens, Forceps, Sugar Packet, Bug Viewer, Gloves, Hexagon Template, Beeswax Sheet, and a Wick.

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Buggy about Bugs
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 10, 2021
This kit was a huge hit with our after school STEM students! I was apprehensive that some students would be turned off by the insects, but it turned out to be their favorite unit of the year. Most of the students were brave enough to try the edible insects- the favorite flavors were Salt and Vinegar and Sour Cream and Onion Crick-ettes. This unit ended up being taught during the Brood X cicada emergence, which worked out perfectly. We'll definitely be using this again!
Amanda Porter

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