Super Slime Mega Kit

Super Slime Mega Kit

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Item #: SL-820
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Everyone enjoys making slime! Slime is such a fun way to teach about polymers and cross linking. This kit comes with everything you need to make 32 two-ounce (64 ml) batches of perfect, gooey slime: 2 liters of green 4% polyvinyl alcohol, enough sodium tetraborate solution to cross-link with it, 32 mixing cups with storage lids, 32 measuring cups, 2 measuring beakers, 32 stirring sticks, instructions, and an activity guide. A preservative has been added to avoid the growth of unwanted creatures. Aside from how awesome slime is, it's also a fascinating non-Newtonian fluid! If pulled slowly, it flows... if pulled quickly, it breaks... and if rolled into a ball, it bounces! For ages 6+.

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