18 Draw-Your-Own Strobodisks

18 Draw-Your-Own Strobodisks

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A breakthrough in motion picture toys, the Strobotop™ links the old with the new. It combines a simple hand-powered spinning top with LED electronics to make pictures and drawings magically come to life and move. It's new! It's old! It's Retrotech™!

Spin the Strobotop™, aim your LightPhaser at it, and adjust the dial. Suddenly, the blurring images snap into focus and spring to life before your eyes! Animals leap and gallop. Children run and play. Kaleidoscopic patterns move and change. Illustrates the principals of animation and how the mind perceives motion pictures! We're sorry, but the Strobotop is no longer available, only the Draw-Your-Own disks are currently available for a limited time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also available: A booster pack of 12 colorful Strobodisks™ and six draw-your-own Strobodisks™. Or, 18 Draw-Your-Own Strobodisks™ with guide patterns including gears, dog, horse, runner, and others. Trace over or create your own.