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Ciencias Sorprendentes para Niños: ¡Solo añade agua! (SPANISH)

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Perform eight hands-on experiments with water - In Spanish!


The same great Surprising Science for Kids kit, now IN SPANISH!

Our exclusive Surprising Science for Kids: Just Add Water! kit is meant for a single child, a small group, or even as part of a tabletop science station. Perfect as a gift or at-home activity! Includes just about everything young scientists (grades K-5) need to perform eight hands-on experiments about the properties of water, including cohesion, surface tension, capillary action, and more. How can water move upwards? Why do some things that are heavier than water float on its surface? What are surfactants? How does water behave in its different states of matter? What creates a tornado inside a water bottle? Includes a colorful 17-page activity guide filled with helpful background information and easy-to-follow instructions. Hours of investigative learning at your fingertips! All materials are age-appropriate and safe for children.

Included in this kit:

  • 4 Boat Patterns
  • 2 Large Plastic Cups
  • 1 Small Plastic Cup
  • 1 Pipet
  • 1 Yen Coin
  • 1 Paper Clip
  • 1 Packet of Pepper
  • 1 Toothpick
  • 1 Length of Yarn
  • Electrical Tape
  • 5 Color Splash Tablets
  • 4 Colored Markers
  • 4 Pieces of Chromatography Paper
  • 2 Plastic Bottles
  • 1 Tornado Tube

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