Speed of the Bubble Tube Sets

Speed of the Bubble Tube Set

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Item #: BU-100

Speed of the Bubble Tube Class Set

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Item #: BU-105

Extra Long Bubble Tubes (Set of 3)

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Item #: BU-200
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The Speed of the Bubble Tube Set consists of three 22-inch-long transparent plastic tubes containing colored fluids with three different viscosities. A bubble in each tube rises at a constant speed which depends on the type of fluid, the angle at which the tube is inclined and, to some extent, the temperature. This great introductory activity gives students practice setting up experiments, graphing data and making predictions. Each set of tubes comes with complete instructions.

Perfect for teaching the concepts of precision, accuracy, graphing, slopes, uncertainty and extrapolation. Great beginning of school activity for science students of all ages.

Extra Long Bubble Tubes
These are the same as our regular Bubble Tubes but longer! The longer tubes allow for the collection of more precise data and for additional experimentation. For example, at what angle should you hold the tube to maximize the bubble speed? Sorry, it's not 90o and not 45o! Does the viscosity of the liquid affect this angle? Tubes are approx. four feet in length. (Activities suggested by Professor John Rusin of Edmonds Community College.)

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