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SpectroClick Teacher Kit (individual set)

SpectroClick Teacher Kit (individual set)

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Item #: SPC-250
SpectroClick Basic Kit (classroom set of 10)

SpectroClick Basic Kit (classroom set of 10)

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Item #: SPC-255
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The SpectroClick Kit introduces students from primary to advanced levels to fundamental concepts of light and measurement through personal observation. Students are provided with all necessary components of a rudimentary spectrometer, which they assemble themselves. They observe spectra through a diffraction grating and compare clear and colored samples. Advanced students may use free software to further interpret spectra.

The SpectroClick Teacher Kit includes one complete set of components and instruction booklet. Intended for classroom use under adult supervision.

The SpectroClick Basic Kit includes 10 student spectrometer sets and a 16-page instruction booklet (also available as a free download).

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