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Soft Shell Ice Cream Balls

  • Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball - Pint
    Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball - Pint
    Item #: ICE-140
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  • Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball - Quart
    Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball - Quart
    Item #: ICE-145
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  • Ice Cream Flavors (Set of 4)
    Ice Cream Flavors (Set of 4)
    Item #: ICE-130
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Make your own ice cream, no electricity needed!


Fill one side with ice, add rock salt and close the lid securely. Mix up your favorite ice cream ingredients and pour the mix into the cylinder on the opposite end of the ball. Shake, Rock and Roll...Enjoy! Great way to teach how adding salt to ice lowers the temperature of the resulting solution. Pint size takes 15 minutes to make a pint of ice cream. Colors may vary.

Quart Size: Weighing more than twice as much as the smaller version of the Soft Shell, when filled it takes 20 minutes to make a quart of ice cream. Colors may vary.

Ice Cream Flavors and Colors Why struggle with difficult ice cream recipes? Simply substitute one of these in your recipe wherever it calls for vanilla extract or other flavoring. The flavors include: chocolate fudge, black raspberry, mint chocolate, and strawberry. Each 1.7 oz bottle will flavor three quarts of ice cream.


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Makes delicious ice cream!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 12, 2021
I got the quart size ball and we tried the vanilla ice cream recipe that comes with the ball, used heavy cream which came out very rich. The recipe book suggests a range of dairy/substitutes from soy milk to double cream. I used water softener salt since that is what I had on hand, it worked as a substitute for ice cream salt. We played with the ball for 40 minutes and it was frozen solid (it was difficult to unscrew the lid). A plastic or wooden scoop is recommended for getting the ice cream out. This ball is not meant for rough play (no bouncing, kicking, or dropping), it will damage the plastic shell that protects the liner. The chamber with ice and salt does get very cold! It needs to be disassembled (the rubber cover did get ice cream on it, comes off easily then slides back on), cleaned and let dry completely. The pamphlet recommends leaving the covers off the ball for storage. It was very nice to make ice cream using simple ingredients! I do wish it were made somewhere else than China.

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