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Snap Circuits STEM Classroom Activity Kit

  • Snap Circuits STEM Classroom Activity Kit
    Item #: OHM-135
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  • 6 Extra Workbooks for Snap Circuits STEM Classroom Activity Kit
    Item #: OHM-137
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A 10 day course with lessons and assessments.


Snap Circuits STEM Classroom Activity Kit will allow students to grasp how electrical circuits work, and drive appreciation for how electrical circuit impact their lives. This Classroom Kit was written by teachers for teachers in grades 3-5 regarding basic electricity. A 10 day course with lessons and assessments.

Skills acquired:

Describe how a circuit works
  • Identifying the components of the circuit and the function of each component.
  • Identifying how the electrical energy was converted in a specific circuit.
  • Representing the circuit through a simple schematic

Follow directions to modify an existing circuit
  • By moving, adding, and substituting components
  • Evaluating how modifications to the circuit changed the function of the circuit overall

Design their own circuit
  • Build, test and troubleshoot circuits to apply basic principles of electricity

Program Summary:
  • Enriches students w/ STEM and includes common core Math and English language Arts standards
  • Appropriate for entry-level science educators and STEM-certified teachers who want to dive deeper into tech with their students.
  • Aligns to Next Generation Science Standards
  • Step-by-step curriculum to teach concrete skills and concepts through regular steps and processes
  • Open Ended challenges: Real-world applications relevant to students - creates confidence and stamina for problem-solving
  • Suitable for standard classroom instruction, after school program and stem camps

  • 6 activity kits (suitable for 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 student to activity kit ratio)
  • 1 Teacher curriculum guide delivering 10 days of lessons
  • 6 student workbooks*
  • Detailed list and explanation of parts; electric switch, meter, resistors, LEDs, lamps, motor
  • Packet of spare parts to ensure continuous learning
  • Supplemental materials with both traditional assessments (pre/post/summative) and project-based, hands-on assessments for flexibility in teaching styles
  • Slide presentation, PDF and link to Google Docs presentation
  • Durable carrying case for all 6 activity kits
  • Summary sheet detailing curriculum flow for communicating value

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