Single Axis Diffraction Grating

Single Axis Diffraction Grating (6 in. x 24 in. sheet)

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Item #: PG-400

Single Axis Diffraction Grating (30 pack of slides)

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Item #: PG-415
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This has been one of our most requested products. Although we love our double axis diffraction gratings (see item PG-2), sometimes it is easier to use a single axis diffraction grating for measuring emission spectra in the classroom laboratory. Educational Innovations is happy to offer this superior grade single axis grating. It gives brilliant spectra with fluorescent lights, flame tests, gas discharge tubes, or even holiday lights! Try both. 500 lines/mm, 6 x 24 inch piece (approx 15.25 x 61 cm). Also available in slides (35 mm x 24 mm diffraction material mounted in 2 x 2 inch slide frame - 30 per package).