Simulated ABO/Rh Blood Typing Kit

Simulated ABO/Rh Blood Typing Kit

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Item #: CSI-550

Simulated ABO/Rh Blood Typing Refill

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Item #: CSI-555
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This kit offers the most procedurally accurate simulation of the blood typing technique available. Students in grades 5-college will test and determine the ABO/Rh blood types of four different samples by combining simulated blood and antisera, gently agitating the blood typing tray, and observing the results. No toothpicks, no stirring, and no waiting for results! Kit contains enough materials for 10 groups as well as a Teacher's Manual and reproducible Student Study Guide copymasters.

Kit also includes:
4 Simulated Blood Samples (Donor 1, Donor 2, Donor 3, and Donor 4)
1 Bottle of Simulated Anti-A Serum
1 Bottle of Simulated Anti-B Serum
1 Bottle of Simulated Anti-Rh Serum
40 Blood Typing Trays