OHAUS Scout™ Balances

OHAUS Scout™ Balance (OHAUS #SKX222)

700 points (Points accrued: 0)
Item #: BAL-161

OHAUS Scout™ Balance (OHAUS #SKX421)

472 points (Points accrued: 0)
Item #: BAL-147

OHAUS Scout™ Balance (OHAUS #SKX422)

1008 points (Points accrued: 0)
Item #: BAL-166

OHAUS Scout™ Balance (OHAUS #SKX621)

566 points (Points accrued: 0)
Item #: BAL-171

OHAUS Scout™ Balance (OHAUS #SKX622)

1171 points (Points accrued: 0)
Item #: BAL-168
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As teachers, we purchased OHAUS balances because they were the BEST! With the Scout, OHAUS once again takes their line of balances to the next level. Superior performance and nearly unbreakable, the Scout balance is one of the most popular electronic balances in the classroom. With a precision of 0.1 to 0.01 grams, the Scout can be used in any college chemistry lab, yet its simple operation and low price make it a solid choice for most elementary and middle school classrooms.

Combined with a simplified 4 button operation, the Scout's large backlit display increases readability in dim lighting conditions, and makes it easier to view results from across a desk or lab bench. Integrated superior overload protection system rated at 10x capacity protects the balance in demanding classroom environments. Space-saving design allows for stackable storage.

Includes a large, easy-to-read LCD display. With expanded connectivity options including RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet and Bluetooth®, the Scout provides added versatility to your data collection and transfer needs. With specific gravity software, density kit and weigh below hook, the Scout is uniquely designed for science classroom lessons. The Mole weighing mode allows students to check their Mole calculations.

Runs on AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries (not included). Even the Calibration mass is included! (AC adapter runs on standard North American line current, 110 volts 60 Hz) Style may vary.

Item # OHAUS # Capacity Accuracy Price
BAL-161 SKX222 220 g 0.01 g $291.95
BAL-147 SKX421 420 g 0.1 g $235.95
BAL-166 SKX422 420 g 0.01 g $419.95
BAL-171 SKX621 620 g 0.1 g $235.95
BAL-168 SKX622 620 g 0.01 g $487.95

These OHAUS Scout Balances come with a 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Runs on standard North American line current, 110 volts 60 Hz