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Science You Can Eat Bundle

SKU #FD-900
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Included Products:

Cricket & Larva Licket Lollipops - Cricket Lollipop

Cricket & Larva Licket Lollipops - Larva Lollipop

Larvets Worm Snax - Larvets Worm Snax single (2.0 grams per packages)

Crick-ettes - Crick-ettes singles (1.4 grams per package)

Chocolate Covered Insects - Chocolate Covered Insects (single package of 6)

Scorpion Pops - Scorpion Pops - single

Einstein Relatively Strong Mints

Astronaut Ice Cream - Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich (single)

The perfect gift for that person who already has everything!


Bugs for the holidays? Sure! Our Science You Can Eat bundle is the perfect gift for anyone--future life scientists, naturalists, thrill seekers, gourmets and of course, that person who already "has everything!" Aside from our edible (and delicious) insect treats, you'll also get Astronaut Ice Cream and a keepsake tin of Einstein's Relatively Strong Mints.

Priced at just $18.95 (valued at $20.70 separately), our exclusive Science You Can Eat bundle includes:

Astronaut Ice Cream
Cricket Lollipop *
Larva Lollipop *
Scorpion Lollipop *
Chocolate Covered Insects
Einstein's Relatively Strong Mints

* Colors/flavors may vary on these products.

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