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SAM's Curious Cars

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Build and program your own cars and games.


Build and program your own cars and games.

Have fun building your own race cars! Download the Curious Cars app to program your car and play games in the SAM Arcade. Create your own inventions in the SAM Space app using your imagination, SAM blocks, and the handy Book of Crazy Cool Ideas! Or use SAM Blockly, available now on Chromebooks and Mac OSX computers via the Chrome browser.

  • 6 rechargeable SAM blocks
  • Play with the exclusive game app
  • Create projects on the SAM Space app
  • 1 car base and 1 controller
  • 5 car designs
  • 20+ starter projects
  • Easy wireless set-up
  • Fits LEGO®

The Curious Cars app is the companion to SAM's Curious Cars. Play the game and bring the Curious Cars to life. Start with a simple car, then turn it into a Bulldozer, Pickup Truck, Police car and more - with sounds, lights and everything!

  • Too Fast, Too Curious: Become a master mechanic and build all of the Curious Cars with step-by-step onboarding.
  • Play at the SAM Arcade: Go to the SAM Arcade to play action-packed mini games with individual SAM blocks!
  • Do more with SAM: Use the Book of Crazy Cool Ideas and your SAM blocks to create your own inventions in the SAM Space app.

Curious' project book has 22 step-by-step projects to trigger your imagination. From a magic art bot to a moving bridge, you've hours of building fun ahead.

In the box:

6 SAM Blocks: 1 SAM RGB Light, 1 SAM Tilt, 1 SAM Button, 2 DC motors, and 1 Slider.

Car: 1 car chassis, 1 controller, 2 wheels, 1 directional wheel, 6 paper bodies (including 1 template to create your own).

Inspiration: 1 instructions Booklet & 1 inspirational SAM Book of Crazy Cool Ideas. USB charging cables and Bluetooth USB dongle (for Windows)

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