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The ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.


One block, a million inventions. The ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.

SAM Labs makes smart construction kits of clever little blocks and a fun app that gives everyone the power of technology to build inventions. SAM empowers students to unleash their inventive potential through play - and learn STEAM without realizing it. Built by curriculum experts, lesson plans are included in every kit. Use SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build awesome projects, games, inventions and hacks. Super quick. Super smart. Or use SAM Blockly, available now on Chromebooks and Mac OSX computers via the Chrome browser.

  • Curriculum-based STEAM projects and lesson plans on data capture, programming logic, and so much more!
  • Data capture, programming logic and more
  • SAM Space Education app tailored for teachers
  • 40+ SAM software blocks
  • Easy integration with Lego®
  • Hands-on educator support
  • Easily adapts into homework

In the box:

17 SAM Blocks: 2 SAM Buttons, 2 SAM RGB LED Lights, 1 SAM Heat Sensor, 1 SAM Proximity Sensor, 1 SAM Buzzer, 1 SAM Tilt, 1 SAM Light Sensor, 1 SAM Pressure Sensor, 2 SAM Sliders, 4 SAM DC Motors, and 1 SAM Servo Motor.

Accessories: 4 Wheels, 2 Chassis, 2 Roller balls, 2 Controllers, 2 Gear wheels, 4 Large holders, 10 Small holders.

Inspiration: 1 Getting started guide with lesson plans available for download.

Charging & connecting: 4 Bluetooth USB dongles, 2 Micro USB charging cables, 3 5-in-1 Micro USB charging cables.

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