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Rock On! Bundle NGSS

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Included Products:

Petrified Wood (10 pieces)

Crystal Growing Dolomite - Large Dolomite Sample

Mineral Sorting Kit

Small Geode Pairs

Bismuth Crystal

Naturally Magnetic Lodestone (Magnetite)

What more can a geology fan ask for?


Rainbow crystals, polished minerals, sparkling geodes, and even magnetic rocks... What more can a geology fan ask for? Grow your own aragonite crystals with Dolomite. Marvel at the rainbows within Bismuth Crystal - one of the few materials that have a greater density as a liquid than as a solid. Lodestone (also known as Magnetite) is a naturally-magnetic rock that will attract staples, iron filings, and more. Our geode pairs are filled with polished crystals, and our Petrified Wood samples often contain quartz, calcite, pyrite and even opal. A perfect collection for anyone fascinated by minerals, rocks, and crystals!

Priced at just $39.95 (valued at $45.70 separately), our exclusive Rock On! bundle includes:

  1. Petrified Wood
  2. Fulgurite
  3. Crystal Growing Dolomite +
  4. Mineral Sorting Kit +
  5. Small Geode Pair
  6. Bismuth Crystal +
  7. Lodestone

Colors, shapes and sizes will vary on these natural specimens.

+ Free lessons available online.

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