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Puzzle Face

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A fascinating blend of science and art.


Dive into the world of Puzzle Face, a fascinating blend of science and art. Explore the intricate principles of human perception as you assemble 300 pieces to create detailed faces. Witness the magic of visual recognition and the brain's ability to organize incomplete information into coherent images. Puzzle Face embodies Gestalt psychology, showcasing how your mind interprets shapes and colors. Engage in this stimulating activity to enhance neuroplasticity and sharpen cognitive skills. It's more than a puzzle; it's a scientific journey into attention, focus, and the wonders of the human mind. Experience the marvel of perception with Puzzle Face today!

Simply take a picture of yourself, a friend, or use an image off the internet, and use the app to translate the pictures into code. The puzzle comes with 300 pieces that have a number and a color. You follow the plan and then flip the puzzle over to reveal the image of the person you've taken a picture of. Can be assembled - and re-assembled, again and again to make any face.

Suitable for ages 8-108. Super! Wow! Neat! Result every time!

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