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PhysicsQuest 2015: Spectra's Current Crisis

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A thrilling exploration of color, electrical resistance, magnetism, and electricity.


Our 2015 PhysicsQuest Kit is a thrilling exploration of color, conduction, electrical resistance, magnetism, and electricity. In "Spectra's Current Crisis", your students will go on an adventure learning about electricity and much more as Spectra and her gang try to figure out who has been sabotaging the town's Magno-Go-Round. Students must apply their new knowledge to help foil the plot! The kit contains nearly all the material needed for four different experiments (and variations) related to electricity. Some minor household items are required. Also includes a full-color combined Teacher Guide/Student Comic Book with instructions and explanations of the science involved. Can be used as a stand-alone activity, a mentoring project, a fully-integrated part of your curriculum, or even as an all-school event!

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