Phosphorescent Vinyl Sheets

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Phosphorescent Vinyl pre-cut 12 x 12 (30 cm) squares

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Item #: SM-7
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This 'glow-in-the-dark' material absorbs light and slowly emits it over a few minutes. By placing your hand over the sheet in the light, you can see your hand print (actually your hand's shadow) 'printed' on the sheet when it is placed in the dark. In a darkened room, a flash from a camera will excite this material. The material has a stick-on backing and can be cut easily with scissors. Sold by the square foot (approx 30 cm2).

May come either as individual 12 inch x 12 inch pre-cut pieces, or a roll 24 inches wide, depending on available stock. If you need it cut a particular way, please call for availability.