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Periodic - Game of the Elements

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Periodic is a board game centered around the periodic table of elements!

Chemistry Game Bundle

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Periodic - Game of the Elements

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Periodic is a board game centered around the Periodic Table of Elements! Players maneuver across the periodic table to collect elements to score Goal Cards, and land on element groups to score points. Players either pay energy to use multiple periodic trends to move across the table, or select just one trend and collect all the energy paid to that trend! Suitable for two to five players, ages 10+. Playing time is 40-60 minutes.

Contents: 32 Goal Cards, 8 Element Group Cards, 12 Agenda Cards, 11 Goal Markers, 28 Lab Tokens, 30 Research Cubes, 5 Erlenmeyer Flasks, 5 Microscopes, 5 Discs, 12 Award Tiles, 24 Energy Tokens, 1 Game Board.


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