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Optics Kit

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Explore the wonders of light and optics with our Optics Kit.


Explore the wonders of light and optics with our Optics Kit. Its versatile mountings and various optical components provide true hands-on experiences with reflection, refraction, dispersion, images, polarization, and other optical phenomena. Students will gain an understanding of fundamental optical principles by performing the ten fully illustrated and annotated explorations provided. The kit is designed to provide a maximum of versatility, enabling students to explore beyond the basics by enhancing set-ups and utilizing additional optical components. The one-time assembly (glue not included) of the mountings is simple and fun.

Includes the parts to make four universal mountings, a sources mounting (for holding LED flashlight or laser pointer), a sample mounting (for holding transmission optics), and a lens mounting (for holding a Plastic Magnifier. Also includes: Equilateral Prism (PSM-100), 6" x 6" large white target, LED flashlight, red laser pointer, Plastic Magnifier (LEN-325), plastic block, one pair Prism Glasses (PG-1), Right Angle Prism (PSM-130), three pieces Polarizing Filter, one piece Mica Sample, plus complete assembly instructions with illustrations and lesson ideas.

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