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OneCar is a comprehensive, open-ended STEM system that allows students to explore energy and motion in as many ways as they can imagine - without soldering! Every Kit includes eight OneCars. Each has a low-friction car chassis, four wheels, and ample components that can be assembled and de-constructed for multiple use. Students can design, build, test, and propel their cars in six different modes, using a solar panel, electric motor, capacitor, kitchen chemicals, compressed air, propeller and more. Your students will be in the engineering fast lane as they learn about simple machines, Newton's laws, electrical circuits, renewable energy, chemical reactions, energy conversion and more! Sold as an eight-pack with one full-color set of instruction sheets. Teacher's Notes and videos on each car option are available online. Batteries not included. See it in action on our video tab! Learn how to calculate the average speed of a moving object using your smart phone in our Lesson tab.

  • 8 Chassis boards
  • 16 Axles
  • 32 Wheels
  • 8 Electric motors
  • 8 Battery holders
  • 16 Motor holders
  • 8 Super capacitors
  • 32 Velcro pairs
  • 8 Rubber tubing spacers
  • 8 Axle pulleys
  • 8 Motor pulleys
  • 10 Rubber drive belts
  • 8 Propellers
  • 8 Plastic cups
  • 8 Solar panels
  • 8 Jumper wire pairs
  • 8 Ball inflator needles
  • 8 Nails
  • 8 Pins
  • 1 Set of full-color instructions

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