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OHAUS School Balance (OHAUS #SB-1200)

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Perfect for teaching weighing to young students.


This durable, yet inexpensive balance is perfect for teaching the importance of weighing to young students. Its sturdy construction can withstand hard and constant "hands-on" practice, and the 2,000 g capacity with a +/- 0.5 gram sensitivity encourages students to weigh familiar objects such as paper clips, erasers, and books. Includes an eight piece set of weights (actually masses).

This OHAUS Balance comes with a one year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Simple to Use
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 23, 2012
This balance is simple to use - even for the younger elementary students. I use it as I explain the difference between mass and weight in my classroom. Then I allow them to predict the mass of some simple objects and multiples of those objects.
Donna Brown

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