Nitinol Memory Wire by the Foot

Nitinol Memory Wire (by the foot)

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Buy 6 or more feet for $4.75 each
Item #: HS-6

*SPECIAL* Nitinol Memory Wire (10 ft pack)

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Item #: HS-610
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This crystalline metal changes phase around 50oC. Bend it, then drop it into hot water and watch it return to its original shape! Can be set into different shapes by heating with a candle flame. (0.0297" diameter)

Austinite Strain Temperature, AS = 54oC
Austinite Peak Temperature, AP = 69 to 70 oC
Austinate Final Temperature, AF = 73 to 74 oC

Martensite Strain Temperature, MS = 41 oC
Martensite Peak Temperature, MP = 35 to 36 oC
Martensite Final Temperature, MF = 27 to 28 oC

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