Neodymium Micro Magnets

Micro Magnets - 6 mm OD 2 mm thick 50/pkg

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Micro Magnets - Assortment of 3 Sizes 50/pkg

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These incredibly small, nickel-plated, neodymium micro-magnets are amazingly strong. Although these will not pinch fingers as the larger magnets will, even the smallest magnet listed here will hold up to six sheets of regular paper as a refrigerator magnet. Great for experimenting! Each package contains 50 magnets. Not for children under 8 years-old.

Note: All Rare Earth magnets, such as neodymium magnets, are made of a ceramic and can be brittle. They are extremely strong magnetically must be handled with caution to avoid damage to the magnets and/or injury. Fingers can be pinched between attracting magnets and magnets can chip or break if allowed to 'jump' at an attracting surface or another magnet. Adult supervision is required.