MyChron - Student Timers

MyChron - Student Timers (Single)

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Item #: TIM-705

MyChron - Student Timers (Boxed 6-pack)

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Item #: TIM-700

MyChron - Student Timers (Boxed 12-pack)

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Item #: TIM-720

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From time to time, one product stands out as simply the best in its class. The MyChron Timer is just one of those products. These timers are much easier to use than the traditional stopwatch yet just as accurate and precise. With MyChron timers, teachers say that timing activities becomes much less of a random event! Reduce uncertainty due to student errors in timing. The timers measure to the hundredth of a second and come with a one year warranty by the United States manufacturer. Multi-packs include a clear storage box for easy, visible classroom management. In addition, their unique bright color makes them easier to find and collect in a busy classroom environment. New model, includes built-in stand! Approx. 5 x 5 x 1.3 cm (2" x 2" x 0.5")

"These are the best timers! They're easy to use and completely silent. No annoying beeping in my classroom." - Ellen Banasik, Physics Teacher, Greenwich High School